Monday, 22 June 2015

Life 17 - The Inexorable Tide of Dinner

 I've sandwiched the fabric layers together with the wadding, and traced an outline from my sketchbook to the cloth in pencil, and I've just completed the under painting on the face. It looks rather alarming doesn't it, but fortunately it won't stay like that for long. I think I shall do some stitching before the next bit of painting though as I'm not keen on adding it afterwards - it's too harsh. The layers of paint have the effect of hiding the thread colour and making it recede. I realize this may be slightly different from the norm.

Here's the Life Story tea towels that will be available - should you need a gift for someone who has everything!! I'm not sure of the price yet but it won't be huge. Hopefully aprons will be available for the 1st and 3rd below. It's not really possible to put the words on the tea towels so it's very much about taking the image at face value, and if that amuses, then that's more than fine!

Monday, 15 June 2015

Being daft again.

It's a nice sunny day today, and having recently visited the Farrier to get my feet "summer ready" I thought today would be a good chance to don the sandals for the first time for my shopping trip to Stratford.  I suffer slightly from arthritic toes, so always expect some discomfort foot-wise in anything other than slippers.

I had been walking for about 20 minutes, and had noticed that one hip seemed slightly uncomfortable - at an odd angle - and it was making me walk with a slight limp.  When you're young you wonder about these sudden pains and oddities, but when you get older you just hope it'll go away if you forget about it. DH walks at a fair old pace, so I was beginning to struggle to keep up.  Ah me, the arthritis was obviously working it's way to my hip. I tried very hard not to limp.

Eventually I wended a weary way home, and it was as I was throwing myself down in a chair with a soothing cup of coffee, that I saw the problem. I'd spent the entire morning walking round Stratford in odd sandals. My hip wasn't playing me up; one sole of one shoe was a good 2cms higher than the other. How come I didn't notice before? Plop knows.

Mind you, it's been a while since I've done anything daft (last time I think was wearing my trousers inside out all day) so I guess I'm overdue.

Here's the beginnings of a portrait - the under painting in acrylic.  It looks very odd doesn't it?  It'll get better when the eyes are defined. I'm going to switch to oils for this one, but wanted to get the basics down in something quick drying.

Sunday, 17 May 2015

The Liberated Quilt - some pictures

 Laura and I were beyond thrilled at seeing the new Through Our Hands, The Liberated Quilt exhibition at Bilston opening yesterday.

We've both put in such a lot of hard work on this and it was pure joy to see such interesting and different work, from the 24 international artists, that we were quite blown away!  The work was incredible - such a high standard - with new and interesting ideas with each piece.

The opening was yesterday afternoon, and we had about 100 visitors who came to have tea, cake and chat.  You can see Michala Gyetvai and Alicia Merrett getting ready for the afternoon in the photos - they were doing demonstrations and talking about their work.

I don't want to give too much away here - but you won't be disappointed if you make the effort to get to Bilston, which is a fabulous gallery, large, white walled, with lots of natural daylight and space.

Here's another first for you!  Performance dyeing.  Laura and I climbed a stepladder to start the dyes running through Clare Smith's pojagi piece called Bitter Harvest.  Over the course of the exhbition, the dyes will run and merge making some fabulous effects. Look at closely, you can see some beautiful patterns happening around the stitching and patterning in the cloth.

The artists taking part are: Annabel Rainbow, Alicia Merrett, Sandra Meech, Linda Colsh, Bethan Ash, Els van Baarle, Olga Prins-Lukowski, Bente Vold Klausen, Bobbie Britnell, Deidre Adams, Sue Benner, Jette Clover, Eszter Bornemisza, Claire Smith, Dijanne Cevaal, Elizabeth Barton, Linda Barlow, Mirjam Pet-Jacobs, Michala Gyetvai, Jeanne Williamson, Sara Impey, Susan Lenz, Laura Kemshall, Linda Kemshall.  How's that for a line up!!

And just in case you thought you'd hang on for the Festival of Quilts, well, we have a whole new show coming there, so this is your one and only chance to see some of the best makers in the world strutting their stuff!

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Life 4 - Hello Dear, What Did You Do Today?

If you are here after following a link from Pinterest, I would be very grateful if you would take the time to read the words written on the quilt.  Continuous condemnation/trolling and ignorance of what the quilt is about is not fair without looking properly. Thank you. 

Blog about the construction of the life series, continues here